Would CloudFlare's Features Prevent Progressive Images from being acknowledge?

We use CloudFlare Business with the Mirage 2 (Automatically optimizes image loading through virtualized and lazy-loaded images. Improves the performance of images on a mobile connection.) and Polish (Further reduce the size of JPEG files for faster image loading. Larger JPEGs are converted to progressive images, loading a lower-resolution image first and ending in a higher-resolution version. Not recommended for hi-res photography sites.).

However, on our page speed test, we do not receive any credit for compressed or progressive images.

I feel like we’ve really thrown the kitchen sink at the homepage load times, but I’m still unsatisfied my my results.

Thoughts or any help interpreting these results?

Presuming you want to optimise for HTTP…

  • Fix the time it takes the server to respond
  • Reduce the number of CSS resources - there are 19, they’re all pretty small and will block the browser from starting rendering
  • Reduce the number of JS resources, and defer their loading until later on the page

As far as the progressive images themselves go, the list of images that were not processed by Cloudflare are here: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/140218_BS_2VH/1/performance_optimization/#progressive_jpeg

Are you sure the rewriting is actually enabled? If so it would be worth reaching out to Cloudflare to ask what happened. Their other processing should have helped with the css and js as well which is what made me ask if it was turned on.

Hi hangerproject ,

It actually appears to be enabled (Progressive) in your CloudFlare settings. I’m not, however, seeing our JavaScript on your pages that would make this work. I would recommend filing a support ticket so our support team can take a look.