WPT docker private instance - Agents not de-registering


I have setup WPT private instance, using docker, mesos and marathon.
However sometimes when I’m scaling up and down of agents, sometimes the server thinks that there are more agents connected (when looking at server-host/install/).

It looks like perhaps the agent doesn’t “re-register” properly with the Server.


  • How does the agent notify the server that it is no longer connected?
  • Is there an option I can pass when starting up the dockerized instance (of agent/server) to notify the server when the instance is being scaled down?


The agents don’t actively de-register. The server will age them out if they haven’t connected in an hour.

I’ve been considering adding an entry point that agents could hit when shutting down to fast-remove them from the agent list but there isn’t one currently (mostly useful if you are using auto-scaling on GCE or EC2 and not directly controlling the scaling).

That would be great if the entry point gets added

Is there anything you suggest we can do in the meantime?