New GCE agents instances are not connecting to a private instance

  • WPT server settings have not changed
  • Agent instance template has not changed

As agents are preemptible they are recreated at east every 24 hrs.

Old agents are still connected while newly created agents are not showing on the server (both on getLocations, and getTesters)

Is that a known issue, any other idea?

How can I further debug/diagnose this issue?

Appreciate the help!

Agents are starting to connect (not sure if this was a GCE problem)
If I look at the the monitoring history of the instance I see that while it was not connected CPU was at steady 60% and network about idle. Once it connect CPU was much lower, and there was much network activity as expected.

I’m attaching an image…

Would still be helpful to have more insights about how to debug/diagnose an issue like that in the future.

Thanks again :slight_smile: