WPT private instance waterfall error

I always have a beam in my waterfall-charts.

I tried it:

  • with wpt 2.10 and 2.11
  • on xampp 1.7.4
  • and debian-squeeze

So the bug seems to be in the wpt-code which creates the chart.

The purple bar? That is the DOM Content Loaded event (and the width is how long it takes to execute). You will see that on the public instance if you test with Chrome or Firefox as well.

On a jquery site that is usualy all of the javascript code attached to $(document).ready().

Ok, that’s possible.

I indeed made the test with Firefox and my page uses prototype with registered events for “document:ready”.

But in the legend purple is “SSL-Negotioation” that’s confusing.

And there seem to be other problems as well.

For example request 6-12 having a gap between “Initial Connection” and “Time to First byte”.

Is this also Firefox specific and not a bug?

That color is used for both SSL Negotiation and domContentLoaded. It does get confusing, but you’ll only see SSL Negotiation when it is a component of a particular request (with a padlock icon to the left of the resource name). And you’ll know it’s domContentLoaded when it spans the entire height of the waterfall.

And it’s for both Firefox and Chrome. Not IE 10, though.


Thanks allot :slight_smile:

The gap is also normal (and you should see it on the public instance as well). That happens when the browser does a speculative pre-connect before it knows what resources it is going to request.