wptmonitor database issue


I’ve managed to copy and install wptmonitor from svn.
Unfortunately while trying to add a new monitor job it send back an error:

WPTMonitor] Failed while Listing scripts message: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 no such column: w.authenticate. Failing Query: “SELECT w.id AS w__id, w.userid AS w__userid, w.label AS w__label, w.description AS w__description, w.url AS w__url, w.urlscript AS w__urlscript, w.navigationscript AS w__navigationscript, w.authenticate AS w__authenticate, w.authuser AS w__authuser, w.authpassword AS w__authpassword, w.validate AS w__validate, w.validationrequest AS w__validationrequest, w.validationtype AS w__validationtype, w.validationmarkas AS w__validationmarkas, w.validationmarkaselse AS w__validationmarkaselse FROM WPTScript w WHERE (w.userid = ?) ORDER BY w.id LIMIT 15”, referer: http://myhost/wptmonitor/listJobs.php?currentPage=1

Have you any idea what went wrong?

wptmonitor isn’t ready for prime time and hasn’t been released yet. It is being worked on by one of the users of the hosted version that needed a monitoring solution and they’re working on packaging it up for public consumption but it’s not quite ready to go yet.



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To fix the issue your are having you need to…

Do a svn up to get the latest version
Execute http://yourhost/wptmonitor/GenerateTables.php ( Warning: This will wipe out all data )

In wptHostConfig.ini replace the dulles entry with the entries for your private instance. The format is 1=“host location”. That’s a space between the host and the location for that host. This part will be updated in a subsequent release to use the db instead of an ini file.


Thank you very much for a prompt answer and help. I updated the source from svn and cleared the database, so I can now schedule a job. Unfortunately I went to the point, where I can’t go further. This is while I try to run a job by pressing “execute job now”, because it returns me a massage:

Fatal error: Class ‘HttpRequest’ not found in C:\xampplite\htdocs\content\wptMonitor\wpt_functions.inc on line 98"

your help is very welcome.

Kindest regards

Sorry, my fault. I was missing a library.
For all other running on windows box, the php_http.dll is here:

For me it was easiest to use WAMP for the server side. It has a nice gui which makes it easy to enable the required libs. I need to get some “getting started” docs created to help out.

Actually I also tried wamp, but don’t remember exactly what it was had some problems making webpagetest run. So I went back to xammp.
It would be fantastic, if someone would have enough time to create all-in-one installer containing a webserver, php and webpagetest as it is available for otrs for windows.


Tony and I will probably be collaborating on setting up AMI’s for all of the components so you can have a push-button monitoring system in the cloud. It may be a while before we work out the kinks though (anyone who wants to help is certainly welcome to :slight_smile: ).