Bounce rate through the roof

Built the site using moonfruit and it used flash tech… Recently they rolled out html5, but I am not yet migrated. However I am experiencing incredible high bounce rates, in. Russia, Ukraine china and France… Is there anything I can do?? Tried testing in some locations it looked reasonable and others not so good… But question remains is it a question of my content or the actual webmasters issue…??

Do you have a performance test to share with questions? If not I’ll probably bounce the thread since this site isn’t really for talking about SEO.

… Am using the webbuilder. Is there anything I need to do?? Or is it just a weakness of moonfruit hosted sites . As you can see with times the bounce rate is consistent

  • The huge number of flash objects does not really make sense

  • Looking at the Repeat View it would be good to use ‘Cache-Control: max-age=time, public’ instead of the ETag as this would avoid the 304s and make the site a little bit faster

I re-ran the test and it looks a lot better this morning:

What I’d worry about is why the page was blank when you ran the test and why different objects looked to be taking a REALLY long time (looked like a hosting issue).