Cloudflare problem?

I use cloudflare for CDN, but the results of my tests say that there is not CDN, why?



Thank you.

How are you using CloudFlare? Both domains resolve to

Yes I use it, do you think that there is a problem on cloudflare?

But how do you use it? I don’t see any evidence that any CloudFlare services are used on your websites.

Did you set everything up correctly? Your nameservers are currently and

Yes, I use Zyma and via cpanel I activated cloudflare, that it is connected to a correct dns.

[quote]Can I use a naked domain (no www) with CloudFlare?
Yes, you can use a naked domain with CloudFlare. If you activate through a CloudFlare hosting partner, the www CNAME is required because of DNS RFC compliance issues. If you prefer not to use www on your site, then you can add the domain directly to CloudFlare.[/quote]

This is my configuration:

CNAME points to

Is that wrong?

You are automatically redirecting to, so noone ever gets to the CloudFlare-powered site.

Are you sure you need a CDN, though? If your target demographic is located in Italy (I assume because your site is in Italian), then ideally you would host the site in Italy. CloudFlare has no Point-of-Presence (PoP) in Italy, so unless you receive many international visitors, there wouldn’t be much of a benefit, if any, in terms of latency. The closest PoPs are probably Paris or Vienna, but compared to the UK, where you currently host your site, you’ll hardly notice the difference.

I use a CDN like cloudflare because WebPageTest reccomend to use a CDN.

Thank you!
The problem is in my htaccess, a rewrite engine rule that you write, thank you very much.

I’m glad you found the culprit.

A CDN distributes your content across the globe, and only makes sense if you regularly have international visitors. If you don’t, you’re just adding unnecessary complexity to your website (and, in some cases, another point of failure). The best way to speed up your site for Italian visitors would be to find an Italian web hosting company.

There are certainly more important optimizations in your WPT results than implementing a CDN. Saving almost 1 MB of data transferred by optimizing your images, for example.

I am having the same exact problem. The free url on my hosting company does not have the “www”, so that is the url I gave out for everyone to use. But when I set up cloudflare with the hosting company it adds the “www” to the cname. I tried to set up a naked domain with cloudflare, but they are trying to charge me to subscribe to their service to set up a new domain. Since the free service with my hosting company adds the “www” I gather that I am stuck with that unless I pay to change it. This is my first web site, so I am I reading any of that correctly? I am probably completely confused at this point. If that’s the case then I will just disable their service. I read somewhere that you can also fix this somehow with a .htaccess file, but I don’t know what that is or the steps I need to take to fix the problem.

If it helps, you would want to test on and not We can’t provision the A record through a hosting partner setup, so we would only show on the www record (CNAMEs).

Ok damon I try.
Thank you Damon I changed my hataccess rule and from I change to and now it works!