Use of CDN?


I put my site on CloudFlare about 10 hours ago but I’m still getting an F on “Use of CDN” (I could swear on one run earlier today I got an A, though I could be mistaken – I can’t reproduce it).

Is there some way I can verify that my CDN is working correctly?


Hrm, now it seems to be saying I AM using a CDN. Go figure.


Lol. Next time you see it, go to the details page and scroll down to the data table. You can see the fqdn and IP address used for each request. If you turned on the CDN by making a DNS change it’s possible that it took a while for the change to propagate.

Whoosh, right over my head. I don’t see fqdn anywhere on the page, but it looks like my CDN is working properly now. As a side benefit, I’m now getting an A on “compress text” and I see a bunch of “gzips” in the response headers. It looks like CloudFlare is gzipping my content even though HostGator isn’t? Or maybe I’m mistaken.

UPDATE: I hit “re-run test” as I was writing this response and failed both “use of CDN” and “compress text.” It’s weird how either doesn’t always detect my CDN or somehow bypasses it.

Can you share a link to your results (working and not)? If I remember correctly, you point your domain to cloudflare for DNS and they take over so what I expect you are seeing is the painful amount of time it takes for DNS updates to fully propagate (particularly when switching authoritative sources). It will probably be a few days before it is working 100% of the time.

Yes, cloudflare (and most CDN’s) will compress even when Host Gator doesn’t which is yet another benefit.

Sure, sorry I forgot the link before. I just ran it again and got an F on CDN:

Your explanation makes sense to me. I’ll give it a couple days and see if all the kinks are worked out.

Cool, looks like you got the caching working (repeat view looks a lot better) :slight_smile: