Multistep testcase using mobitest

Hi Patrick,

I have used for mobitest on android and ios devices and it works great. However I want to know how we can handle the following while using mobitest :

  1. Workflow/Multistep test case ( say a scenario of logging in to an application)

  2. How can I pass a list of urls (through a text file or something) so that it can open the respective urls as per the sequence in the file

  3. By default mobitest invokes the default browser on android and iOS devices. However is it possible to invoke any other browser installed on the device (say chrome)

Thanks in advance.


Mobitest doesn’t support scripting so you can’t do this.

I believe the new Chrome mobile agents do support scripting so you could test with those

Hi Andy,

Thanks for responding.

It will be great if you can throw some more light(or share some links) on chrome mobile agents supporting.

Also if & how can we use the scripting flexibility of these agents along with webpagetest.


The chrome/Android mobile agent info is here:

It’s still under pretty active dev but it’s currently deployed on the public instance. In particular, here’s what the scripts look like: