Need help to improve the Page load time

Here is my page result

Can anyone help me how to reduce the page load time?

I suggest to use dns prefetch for static part of your website. here is a short code to do so -

Try and see the difference.

Get rid of cloudflare. With it, you have no control over how your site performs.

Can you elaborate?

They stick their servers between yours and the internet. What you’re seeing ( TTFB wise ) is the performance of their server proxying yours. This will never be faster than you own server.

Yeah… not necessarily. Triangle inequality may not be true ( or even true in most cases ) in Internet. Just because you (A) communicate with proxy (B) to access a server (C, so A → B → C) doesn’t mean that communicating directly with the server ( A → C ) will be faster. If I remember correctly Akamai based their early business on claim that they can do better than when user communicates directly with destination server. While I’m not saying this is the case with CF it seems plausible that they may have more optimized network which improves TTFB enough to justify initial cost of connecting to their nodes. I would love to read any studies on this if you know of any.

I think you’ll find things have changed since the last century… until the idiot net neutrality stuff becomes a reality at least. Not that I have any real proof. Maybe I’m just anal about handing over control of my website - paranoia is a useful trait in a SysAdmin, after all.

For me, KISS is the byword. And in the case of web server performance, that means tuning your own stuff before adding in complexities from third parties.

check the performance tab on chrome developer tools if you want to dig in more about some of your scripts that fires after document load. there is something that tells the browser in your build to wait for another set of content on load then force to recalculate style after.
avoid hosting your own font. for roboto. since you are using wordpress. why not just use the font stack on the wordpress user dashboard instead. as for you font icons convert them into base64 css and store them in the localstorage and just provide a fallback if chose so to.both fonts takes an entire second on your page loadtime.