Paid Job (Optimize VPN)

Hello, We just switched from a shared server to a VPN and I would like it optimized. 60% of our web traffic is mobile so we are looking for speed improvements from this move to a VPN. I don’t believe we have a cpanel. I think all requests for changes are sent in to support where they implement them.

Please let me know what information you may need and what options for improvement may be available. cost etc.

The server is a linux wheezy running apache I believe.



Just a sanity check, I assume you mean VPS (not VPN). If so, you might want to update the title.

Dear AL,

I am 100% sure that Patrick is correct, you mean a Virtual Private Server (VPS), not VPN.

Do you have a mobile-friendly site or not?

If you still need help, please send me a message with your website URL and I will get back to you.