Private Instance on Amazon EC2

Hello All,

I have setup 2 instances (1 m1.small: “IE8 - ami-8a6c9de3 : webpagetest-us-east/ie8-20110113.manifest.xml” and another running on ubuntu which has the webserver setup).

While creating the windows instance from the image I added the wpt_server userdata string and modified locations.ini:


label=“Amazon EC2 East ( Virginia )”

browser=IE 8
label=“Amazon EC2 East ( Virginia )”

It doesn’t seem to work though. I get an error while trying out on the private webserver : "Error sending url to test machine. Please try back later " Is there anything else that I might have missed out on? How do I access the windows instance? Sorry but I have no experience with hosted windows instances. Should I point the URL in urlblast.ini to the IP of my webserver?


I got it working :slight_smile: Did a custom install and placed everything(client + webserver) on the Windows instance. Took me 2 hours but I got through. Thanks for this awesome software.

Glad you got it working. FWIW, the error you got is usually a problem writing to the localDir location. More often than not it’s a permissions issue where apache is running as a different user than the user account that was used to set up the directory and the apache user doesn’t have write permissions.

True. Also, should I have the Remote desktop open all the time? I’m not able to test if I shut it down :frowning:

No, set the desktop to automatically login (run “control userpasswords2” and uncheck the “password required”) and then reboot after each time you RDP into it.

You’ll also want to change your RDP sessions to use the /admin flag when connecting (mstsc /admin) so that you connect to the existing desktop session instead of starting a new one.

Awesome! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Works perfectly fine. Also, is it possible to retrieve JSON(for raw data) rather than CSV/XML while using the HTTP api?

Some of the API methods support json (just not officially since it hasn’t been completely tested). Which methods in particular are you interested in (and do you need JSON or JSONP)?



I would love if the detail result API could support JSON. I’m also facing another issue. Does the callback option work? I have never used php before(only the likes of ruby,python, js etc). Only thing I could figure out from runtest.php file is that there is a mention of callback parameter, but no implementation of it. How best do I implement it? Where in the file(or probably some other file…) should I add the code that POST’s to my webserver? I’m using the latest ver of WebPageTest (v2.0)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hmm, yeah, the results don’t support JSON yet :frowning:

It looks like the callback support isn’t in the 2.0 release. I’ll be packaging up a new release this weekend that will include it (along with all of the other changes since the 2.0 release).