RESTful APIs and Relays

We leverage the RESTful APIs heavily for internal URL testing and relay requests heavily. I have noticed a potential bug, though, it may not necessarily be a bug both with the normal GUI results and the RESTful API results of any relay test.

I have not had time to fully investigate and will be doing so this morning and there is a simple work around for the issue, but maybe someone has a fix/suggestion already.

To reproduce the issue:

[]Have a WPT instance configured with 1 or more relay entries.
]Submit a test using a relay entry via the API (or GUI).
[*]Wait sufficient time until the result completes (in my case 1 minute is plenty).

The API reports as follows:

curl “

<response> <statusCode>100</statusCode> <statusText>Test Pending</statusText> </response>

The API will continue to report a statusCode 100 until GUI test result URL is hit ( No matter how many times I hit it will staty at “Pending” even after hours or days have passed. However, as soon as the GUI result is hit, the API result will change to completed and the results displayed as XML normally.

The simple workaround is to hit the GUI result URL before hitting the API result. However, the situation is not ideal.

I have not really looked into how relay results are presented, but appears the simple act of viewing them stages the result and changes it from pending to completed. However, as I said, I am not sure why this is.

Anybody else seeing this behavior?


Try updating from the trunk. There were several entry points that have been fixed up since the initial release to support relays.

Subsequent to the 2.5 release? I will update and report back.


Yep - getting close to cutting 2.6 but there are a couple more features I want to get worked in.

Any idea when 2.6 might come? I’m about to upgrade to 2.5.

It’s probably ~2 weeks away. There’s some stuff I’m working on right now that I really want to get in before baking it.

2 weeks away !! :heart: sweet!