result page is displayed, but data are void

I setup a private instance of webpagetest.
after submitting query the result page is displayed,
but all data in the result page is void.
Both the site and the agent seems to work normally.
What’s the problem on earth?

Can you provide a screen shot of what it looks like?

Some possible causes:

  • Did you install dummynet on the test machine?
  • Did you install the gd module for php on the server?

Beyond those it might take some poking around to figure out what’s not working.



(1) I did not install dummynet on the test machine.
(2) I have edited my php.ini file so that the line “extension=php_gd2.dll” is uncommented
and I have put the dll file called “php_gd2.dll” in the extension directory of PHP(Does this
means that I have installed the gd module for php on the server?).
(3) Below is the content of the file urlBlast.ini on my test machine:
Startup Delay=5
Log File=./log
; Where to get work from
Url Files Url=
Location Key=TestKey123
(4) I use Windows XP and IE6 browser on the test machine. I created three administrator
accounts(“chaowei”, “user” and “user1”) on the win XP operating system. I log in the account
“chaowei” and then run urlBlast.exe to test.

(5) The screen shot of the result page is in the following attachment,
it says “the test completed but there were no successful results”.

Well, #1 is going to be your problem then. You need to install dummynet on the test machine or it won’t be able to run the tests.

You can disable the use of dummynet if you need to by adding a “connectivity=LAN” entry in the [Test] section of locations.ini but you will lose the ability to do traffic shaping on the tests (no connectivity selection).