what more to do?

Test results :-

result : http://www.webpagetest.org/result/100921_8e17db9548c1e6e508a5cb789b05da19/
filmstrip: http://www.webpagetest.org/video/compare.php?tests=100921_8e17db9548c1e6e508a5cb789b05da19-r:1-c:0

Last few months ive been reading, learning a lot, mostly from this forums, now ive implemented everything I was planing… the question is how do I improve it further?

Im monitoring pageload times using passive testing, and for my Indian visitors, the site is around 3 times slower than US visitors… this is the time to onload. (cant do proper tests from india cause webpagetest doesnt have an indian test site :slight_smile: ).

What more can I do? – besides making the site pretty or getting rid of the ads

Make sure the CDN you are using has a POP in India. Otherwise your best bet is going to be in making the page lighter in any way possible - the bandwidth of Internet connections in India is usually pretty low (particularly during the day - on the order of 128-256Mbps).

Yeah… I tried looking for CDNs with POPs in India… Could find only Akamai… who wont respond to sales inquiry from companies in Thailand! (They tell me that after filling up a very detailed sales form)

Can you suggest any other CDN with POP in India? I even tried finding prices for dedicated server to make my homebrew CDN… Most ISPs there resell servers in US and UK, the ones who have local servers demand insane amounts…

Now that I do passive monitoring… I am willing to use App Engine as a CDN and see how it changes things… cause in spite of being hosted in USA, the network from Indian ISP to app engine server would be operated by Google.

Now ive got only the bare essentials on the page… ads to monetize and a few social widgets(attached in blocking manner) to encourage sharing…

Note: < 30% of my traffic is from Indian Subcontinent