Windows 7 64 bit issue


I have done the setup on my desktop on a windows 7 64 bit machines.
URLBlast is running

When a run a test the test finishes fairly quickly but all the timings are 0 and the images missing. Can someone help

Dymmynet doesn’t work on 64-bit windows (well, the install that is available anyway). I’m working with the team that created it to try and make a 64-bit build available (code works fine but 64-bit Windows requires that all of the drivers are code signed).

If you want to test on 64-bit you will only be able to test at native speeds. Add the following to your locations.ini and it should work:


You need to add it to the section for the specific test location (same area where localDir is defined). The actual text of the location doesn’t matter, just that it is populated so it won’t try to use Dummynet to throttle the connection.