Writing a local copy of 1_video.mp4


I’ve had a perfectly working PI, with 2 mobile devices running on the server. However for performance reasons, I’ve moved the mobile agents to a separate box. All works fine…ish!

When running a test from a mobile device, it executes the test then stops… at:

D Oct_30_13:38:58.791 multipart.js:92 Multipart.exports.Multipart.addPart : addPart: name=id body=141030_WA_8 headers=["Content-Type: text/plain"] D Oct_30_13:38:58.791 multipart.js:92 Multipart.exports.Multipart.addPart : addPart: name=location body=Local_MotoG headers=undefined D Oct_30_13:38:58.792 multipart.js:92 Multipart.exports.Multipart.addPart : addPart: name=pc body=TA8830R29D headers=undefined D Oct_30_13:38:58.792 multipart.js:115 Multipart.exports.Multipart.addFilePart : addFilePart: name=file filename=1_video.mp4 size=357011 D Oct_30_13:38:58.793 wpt_client.js:629 Client.postResultFile_ : Writing a local copy of 1_video.mp4

Originally, I thought it was a permissions issue but leaving it alone for approx 2-3hrs, it carries on and finishes the test, displaying all the data as expected…

I cannot for the life of me work out what’s happening - any clues?


Check your /install/ page and make sure the file post limit is set sufficiently large? It’s possible that it is having an issue uploading the video to the server (it may not log that part).

Thanks Pat, I don’t think it’s that as it works fine when the Node agent runs from the same machine as the server (i.e. WPT target for node is localhost).

The POST limit is set at 10MB though.

I’ve been away for 2 weeks, so will try changing the limit & testing again if you think it may still be the limitation…

Just to answer this - it looks like it was the POST limit. Set it to 100MB and it seems to work.

(I also increased the PHP memory limit and did some general housekeeping on the server too).