Very High First Byte Time


My website has got very high First Byte Time. I have hosted the website with godaddy hosting.

Website takes lot of time to open for the first time when I open it in any browser. But when I open the same site for the second time in same or any OTHER browser it opens very fast. And I keep my site open , don’t do any activity on that for sometime and again refresh it, it again takes lot of time to load the same page.

I have already compressed the images,minimized JavaScripts, enabled gzip, have set the expiration time in headers. All the images are placed on cookieless sub domain. I’m not sure if there’s any issue with godaddy

The test results are @

Also, when I open it on the first machine, it takes lot of time but when I open the site on the other machine immediately then it opens immediately.

Any help is appreciated!!

Very High First Byte Time


Typically, WordPress will usually take anywhere from 0.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds to generate the page depending on the number of plugins, theme etc.

Try installing a caching plugin like Zencache ( or W3 Total Cache ( and enabling it to see if that reduces the TTFB.

The reason for the 2nd page view being faster is that your browser caches are “hot” - and have all the necessary files on local disk that it doesn’t have to fetch them again from the server.

Successful caching with a CDN should see that come down to .1-.2 provided the content has been pushed to the respective edge server you are testing against.

Without page caching, each new request for a page hits your mysql database with a series of queries which is slow, especially on shared hosting.